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Doppler examination is a non-invasive technique used for vascular assessment. It uses advanced imaging techniques to painlessly evaluate the circulatory system without the use of needles, dye or radiation. These techniques are performed with ultrasound, also called sonography. Sonography is an imaging technique using sound waves far above the range of human hearing to look inside your veins and arteries, or listen to the sound of your blood flow. No radiation is used in this examination, and there are no known health risks associated with sonography.

Available Techniques include:

Available Equipment

  • Alfa scan is equipped by various ultrasonography machines all loaded by color Doppler facility.

  • Digital acquisition techniques & display.

  • Doppler studies for venous & arterial systems all over the body.

  • Dedicated echocardiographic equipment for cardiac examination.

  • Endocavitary probes for trans vaginal & trans rectal technique with available biopsy procedures

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