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Open Saturday till Thursday from 10am till 10pm.

Fridays are open for emergency cases only. No reports can be handed out on Fridays.

In Ramadan, the center is open from 10am till 3pm, then again from 7pm till 11pm.

National Holidays are usually normal working days except for Sham El Nesim and the Religious Holidays. Kindly link to us prior to the holiday in question to find out if we are working or not. 


Making appointments

Radiology appointments are made, either by the referring physician's office, or by the patient directly.

Scheduling can be reached through our hotline 16171

or directly to our branches: Mohandeseen (202) 33363310, Heliopolis (202) 2471 5556 or Maadi (202) 2528 4888.

The following information is needed to schedule a procedure:

Personal information




Insurance Information

Insurance carrier and number, if any

Medical Information

Examination(s) requested


History of prior allergies or bleeding tendencies (depending on the type of procedure requested)

If you require a follow up examination, kindly bring the latest examination similar to the one requested.

Schedulers will answer your questions regarding the required exams and needed preparation for those exams (or you can link to our preparation page for better details if needed). They will also direct you to the appropriate location for your exam. 

If you need more data about your examination or preparation requiring a doctor you will be directed to one of our consultants or specialists to answer your questions.

If the patient scheduled the appointment directly, he will need to bring the referring physician's prescription (signature) to the examination.


If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment:

Call our Hotline 16171

Call (202) 33363310 for appointments in the Mohandeseen branch.

Call (202) 2471 5556 for the appointments in the Heliopolis branch.

Call (202) 2528 4888 for the appointments in the Maadi branch.

Appointments Film Handling
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